Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smoking Guns

Let’s be honest about this, if it wasn’t for the master’s project, I would have never thought about creating a blog. I’m not that kind of person, I don’t feel very at ease with this sort of communication. It’s not a matter of judgment, I do believe in the commodity and usefulness of something like a blog. It could be a great way to express yourself, even powerful, cos it obviously represents a wide platform through which people share opinions and develop a totally democratic critique. But I have always thought it wasn’t for me: I’m still basically a luddite and an anachronistic person for some ways: yes, I do use e mails everyday and I have a facebook page, but that’s pretty much in order to keep in contact with my friends overseas. 

I don’t actually know the very reason for my adversity: it was the same when mobile phones came along, I didn’t want one, but not because I was strongly persuaded by a pure and anti technological way of life, mostly I was just scared I might not be able to use it. I still remember the day I bought my first one- the first of a long list, since I usually lose them very often- I did it just in order to please my sweet Italian mum, always concerned about my health. It was a winter afternoon at my friend’s place and she was so surprised by the event that she saved my number under “Elena New Age”.

The same with the bank card: don’t you think it’s very weird and nearly unrealistic that a super flat and little object like this can contain all your money?? Once you lose it, you are “out of order” for days and days waiting for somebody else adjusting your life.

I’m very much like my beautiful niece when she looks at the computer screen and she sees my face while I’m having skype with my sister. She is very unsure and confused about what’s going on. Her eyes tell her I’m there but she can’t touch me…..I do agree with her….how strange and sometimes even uncomfortable it is, but this is another story.

Nevertheless things–fortunately- change (just a few days ago I was told by a guy I was chatting with there’s something that people call space tourism, well...anyway!) so here I am, trying to write something interesting, I hope not just from my point of view. I will try, promise, and if I fail, please don’t blame me!!

I think it could be a nice idea to start from the name I decided to give to this web page: SMOKING GUNS. The first time I saw the expression written in a book I wasn’t very sure about the meaning of it: well, I did know the significance of each term but put together it didn’t make any sense really: so I thought it was probably one of the various examples of idiomatic terms which the English language is so fond of. And I was right, because it doesn’t deal with either any particular kind of cigarette or anyone with a worrying passion for weapons.
Smoking guns is a nice metaphor for EVIDENCE: imagine I have just shot somebody and you arrive at the crime scene a few second later, my gun would probably still be ejecting some smoke.

This is evidence- not many ways of ESCAPE for me, the criminal (nearly) without doubt. 
But this is a situation that happens very seldom in people’s life. In our everyday experience, the real one, not even the one mediated by any sort of critique, not a lot of space is left for stable principles and sureness. Also the idea of an absolute rightness is contaminated by endless nuances of relativism.
That’s great, it gives the benefit of a re-valuation for situations we previously dictated as completely negative or wrong. For sure, to believe in some kind of evidence gives you a path you can walk down without worrying too much about the unknown, but it has to be temporary, cos we must keep ourselves open to changes.
Yesterday I went to see an art exhibition with a friend: we were looking at some collages on a gallery’s wall: “I can’t see any meaning in these pieces of paper” she came out. “I actually find them too meaningful” I replied.

Staring at the same thing, people can have very diverse reactions. That means diversity helps us in sharing opinions and recreating things and value of events.

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