Friday, November 18, 2011


I thought it deserved a translation.
Here’s my attempt.
Roberspierre by the Italian band Offlaga Disco Pax.

I have taken my second year school’s exam in 1975.
Socialism was like the universe, in expansion.
The teacher asked me about Maximilian Roberspierre.
I answered that Jacobins were right and, Terror or not, French revolution had been something good.
The teacher didn’t find necessary to ask me any other question.
But we have a lot of memories also of that little antique world Fogazzaro: Space Invaders three hundred point’s spaceship- Enrico Berlinguer on the telly- Alberto Juantorena Olympic victories in the name of Cuban Revolution- Sandinists on power in Nicaragua- the catechist who used to vote for Pannella-pitch’s friends who directly passed from Marlboro to heroin, cheers to soft drugs!- the porno vampire Zora’s comics and the Prinz without return- the referendum on divorce and we weren’t understanding why, if No had won the divorce would have happened, while if Yes had triumphed the divorce wouldn’t have been accepted.
Anna Oxa at Sanremo dressed up as a London punk- the Van Halen-the first wank-the lady next door, a transgender known to most people as Lola, that my mum used to call Antonio, with our maximum astonishment- Jarmila Kratochivilova. The Toblerone, does anybody know why?- something written by Reggiana’s hooligans after the areal American raid on Tripoli in the eighties. It said: “thank you Regan, bomb Parma for us- and then our wonderful toponymy
Karl Marx street, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara and Dolores Ibarruri street, Stalingrado, marshal Tito street and Lenin square in Cavriago.
And the big bank, not local anymore, based in October Revolution street
And then my neighbourhood, where the Communist party used to take the 74% and the Christian Democracy- the Catholic Party- the 6%.

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